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Our Story

In a time when all the major chain stores in the pizza universe are in a price war, Pizza Panz Pizza is setting a different course. Certainly a cheap pizza is easy on the consumer’s wallet, but the sacrifice in quality is getting to the point of absurdity. You will not find any of the national brands giving you a blend of cheeses, time maturation of the pizza sauce, or highly graded sirloin steak on the top of their pies. ┬áSo what else does Pizza Panz Pizza do differently than other pizza locations small or large?

It’s all in the Panz! Our specialty is the deep dish pie (we do have thin pizza if you insist) that gains its flavor through a process of burning in the flavors of our secret recipe of oil and various spices. We take new steel Panz, drop in the oil recipe and run them through the ovens at a high temperature to embed a taste you can’t find anywhere else. Our Pizza Panz are then dipped in oil again and run through the oven hundreds of more times repeating the process until the taste is established forever in the Panz. Then, and only then, do we put the pizza pie into the Panz to be cooked for you to discover why we’re “The World’s Best Pizza”.

Not only do we use the Panz to prepare pizza but the wings, dessert, Pizza Bits (croutons for your salad) and all menu items are cooked in these special Panz to maximize the flavor and make you say one thing at the end of your eating experience: “Wow, that was great”. Every menu item must have this customer response or it won’t be on the menu… simple but telling in so many ways.”

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