6250 Lantana Rd, Lake Worth, FL, 33463
(561) 651-9397

(561) 651-9397

We give you the best taste period.


Cooked in out Specialty made PANZ!

Every day in each of our Kitchens 
Dough is prepared FRESH ! 

When fresh dough meets HOMEMADE Pizza sauces and QUALITY GOURMET blend of cheeses, cooked in our special PANZ…
That’s what we call…

Our story

What we do differently than other pizza locations

In a time when all the major chain stores in the pizza universe are in a price war, Pizza Panz & Salads is setting a different course.

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Our philosophy

Always Fresh Ingredients

We have now added award-winning salads, gluten-free pizza crust, chicken tenders, wraps  & more.

Each prepared FRESH daily, using freshest ingredients and meticulous attention to detail.




  •   Detroit style pizza yes! And now that our other place moved we will come back to Pizza Panz

    thumb Vanesa E.
  •   Ended up here on a whim to try something new in a plaza that I visit often. It is tucked away in the back corner so you would easily miss it if you didn't know it was there. When we arrived, there were only a handful of customers eating and 1 woman who served as the waitress and answered the phone for to go orders. By the time we left, there were 4 tables filled and people frequently  stopping to pick up their orders and she was handling it all well. I give her big props in an era where many businesses are struggling due to understaffing.

    We ordered a Greek salad and arugula pizza + grilled chicken. There happened to be a special going on that day that threw in complimentary fried chicken tenders if you spend $35 + so we had a bonus appetizer. The tenders were surprisingly good , fresh out of the fryer hot , and they make their blue cheese sauce in house if you request it. The pizza was heavily topped and generous with chicken and arugula, although I do wish they went lighter on the balsamic vinaigrette that was drizzled on top. It was a mess to eat but decently good pizza...I was pleasantly surprised. The Greek salad was pretty basic- just ordered it to satisfy my veggie needs. Prices are average for pizza joints but I would say definitely better quality than a Pizza Hut or dominos, but not quite the level of what an italian restaurant or a true NY pizza joint would serve. Worth a try if you are looking for pizza and you want something better than the typical chain.

    thumb Jasmine D.
  •   Panz Pizza.. Lantana and Jog...
    My Family and I have been going there since they opened few years back. We have not been there in awhile but I went back tonight to grab dinner for the family $82.33 sat down waited for the food. They bring the food to the counter, look at me and say it's ready, I walk over to grab the food when a roach walks across the counter. I  said umm there is a live roach on the counter (in a grossed out tone and asked for a refund. They went to the back (guessing to tell the manager) lady comes right back refunded me and that was that. They did not seem surprised.
    I've been to a lot of restaurants including fast food where let's be honest probably is not the cleanest but today was the first for this. Just wanted to let my friends and community know.

    thumb Tabitha M.
  •   Hole in the wall pizza place.  The first issue was when I ordered food on line with a 5:15pm pick up time and I was receiving texts at 4:50 that my food was ready for pickup. The second issue was that when I got there and asked for my order she hands me 2 pizza boxes that she got out of a case behind the counter and say here they are. I said that I also have the wraps she turns to the right and hands me a bag that had been sitting on the counter and I can assume that it had been there for 30 mins.  I questioned why the food was made 25 minutes before the pick up time. She responded that she just got there and that the people on the earlier shift made it so she didn't know.  Whatever. Also the girl at the counter had a nasty cough.    The pizza was barely warm, and the wraps were room  temperature. Not impressed with this place. I don't believe I will be returning here.

    thumb Scotty D.
  •   Amazing Alfredo sauce! Loved the size of the small, just the right amount of food. Great pizza not too oily. Will def be back soon!

    thumb Sophia P.
  •   They have wonderful cheese sticks with marina and pizza! Always very friendly and welcoming.

    thumb Tanya S.


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